Zinc Phosphate


When the corrosion resistance of finished parts or lubricity of components must be especially high, zinc phosphatizing is the preferred conversion coating. The desired result will dictate the type of zinc phosphate to be used. Zinc phosphate coatings can be very course when formulated to produce large zinc crystalline structures on the substrate, or quite smooth when formulated for fine zinc crystals. Large and medium crystalline zinc is typically associated with products where lubricity or "Make and Break" is of the utmost importance. Whereas fine zinc crystalline coatings make an excellent corrosion resistant base for finishes such as liquid or powder paints.

Zinc Phosphatizing is often used by aerospace manufactures and the military for equipment that may be exposed to severe environments. Zinc Phosphates are also widely used in the automotive industry, the appliance and electronics industries, and the oil & gas industry.

Crest zinc phosphate solutions are designed to uniformly deliver zinc coatings with large, medium, or fine crystals with consistent coating weight from 1500 to 3500 mg/psf. The size and weight of the zinc phosphate coating is dependent upon the formulation of the zinc phosphate chemical solution, time in solution, and the substrate.