Toll Blending


A Blending of Chemicals and Quality.

Toll blending contracts are synergistic arrangements that allow our clients to leverage our manufacturing expertise and ability to their advantage. Crest Chemicals offers a variety of chemical blending solutions to its clients. Whether the formula is complex or simple, liquid or powder, Crest's professional staff and production facility are ready for the task. Our facility is able to make small batch quantities such as a few gal/lbs of product, or large batches of thousands of gal/lbs of product.

At Crest, the client is in control. Our clients have the ability to order in raw materials from their suppliers or draw from our extensive inventory. We have a vetted list of approved suppliers and we encourage our clients to utilize our buying power to ensure that they are getting the best product at the best price. We also maintain relationships with a wide range of chemical packaging suppliers. This ensures uninterrupted supplies of critical materials with competitive pricing for your project.

The process doesn't end when the blending is complete. The Crest QAQC team inspect and scrutinize each batch for visual presentation, color, consistency, correct labeling, and proper packaging. The process can also include in-house or third party laboratory testing and certification of concentration, pH level, and accurate formulation.

Crest's toll blending capabilities can be an excellent solution for your organizations temporary or permanent need for assistance. In addition to working with a qualified, ethical staff and production crew, we routinely sign confidentiality agreements with all our toll blending customers. Your organizations success and security are our highest priority. Utilizing our facilities and staff can reduce or eliminate your need to invest crucial capital in the facility or staff upgrades necessary to meet demand spikes, capture new markets, test new products, or increase overall manufacturing capabilities.

Contact us to learn more about how our chemical toll blending abilities can be specifically tailored to meet your manufacturing needs.