Thin Coating Removers


Crest produces many excellent thin coating removers that are designed to be used in a heated or ambient immersion tank system. Many of the removers require a water or oil seal atop the coating remover solution to prevent evaporation and keep VOC's to a minimum.

When using Crest thin coating removers in an immersion tank system it is important to allow enough time for the remover to work and the coating to become loosened. Most Crest thin coating removers are enhanced with a corrosion inhibitor to prevent flash rusting. Rinsing and after care of the stripped materials depends on the material and the type of Crest thin coating remover that was used.

The specially formulated Crest thin coating removers are designed to remove oils, soils, grease, carbon, paint, PTFE coatings, and other deposits form metal surfaces. They are safe on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Consult your Crest representative to determine which thin coating remover is appropriate for your application.