Corrosion Inhibitors

Rust Inhibitors

Crest Chemicals offers several practical solutions to the constant problem of corrosion. Corrosion degrades the useful properties of materials and parts including the strength, appearance, and permeability to liquids and gases. Crest corrosion inhibitors work to reduce the active process of corrosion.

Whether it is an inhibitor to prevent flash rusting during manufacturing, adding a corrosion inhibiting seal to increase salt spray testing, or protecting a finished part from corrosion during shipping or storage Crest Chemicals has got you covered.

We offer numerous possibilities for inhibiting corrosion, including; paintable corrosion inhibitors, chromated inhibitors and non-chromated inhibitors, water displacing oils, and water soluble oils. The type of corrosion inhibitor will be dependent upon the type of corrosion, duration of service, location of service, and the future finish possibilities of the part.