General Purpose Alkaline Cleaners


General purpose alkaline cleaners are classified by their pH level ranging from 8.5 to 14.0, and vary by the amount of caustic or alkaline agents that are used. General purpose alkaline cleaners are typically used for deep cleaning of surfaces where heavy contaminants are present. Difficult to remove oils, waxes, soils, and grease are easily rinsed away when using Crest alkaline cleaners.

Care should be taken when choosing the correct alkaline cleaner for the task at hand, as some alkaline cleaners may etch reactive metals or harm certain materials when used at higher pH ranges. It is also important to thoroughly rinse alkaline cleaners to eliminate the opportunity for residues to dry on surfaces that may be stained or damage.

The Crest alkaline products come in both liquid and powder forms and are long lasting, powerful cleaners.