Coating Removers

Paint Removers

Crest Chemicals has developed a full line of coating removers for almost every coating used. Difficult to remove epoxy, lacquer, urethane, enamel, powder paints, and even PTFE coatings are a breeze to remove with the right specially formulated Crest product.

Crest nickel and silver coating removers have been designed with aviation and defense clients at the center of the target audience, but are versatile enough to be used in commercial and industrial applications.

Although many of the Crest coating removers employ strong chemicals to activate, others are designed to be more environmentally friendly. Some of the Crest coating removers go the extra mile by removing not only the paint or top coating, but also oil, grease, soil, gasket material, and even carbon without adverse effects to the substrate.

Crest produces three different classifications of coating removers; acidic, neutral, alkaline. Our coating removers are designed to be used as a thick film applied by brush or sprayed on to the surface, or a thin product designed for use in a heated or ambient immersion system. The appropriate Crest coating remover will depend on the substrate, coating to be removed, application method, and desired results.