Chromate Conversion Coatings

Chromate Conversion

Chromate conversion coatings are highly corrosion resistant and provide an excellent bonding foundation for finish coatings. Although most commonly associated with non-ferrous metals such as aluminium or magnesium, some ferrous metals that contain high levels of zinc such as galvanized steel and zinc plated steel can also receive a chromate conversion coating.

Chromate conversion coatings provide a very distinctive yellowish/gold iridescent finish. The finish hue can be made lighter or darker by adjusting the pH of the chromate conversion solution. The colour can also be changed or even removed adding other chemical solutions during the chromate conversion process.

Chromate conversion coatings are commonly used on aluminium alloy parts in the aviation industry to maximize corrosion resistance as well as creating a solid foundation for painted finishes to bond to. Crest chromate conversion chemicals are formulated to meet or exceed MIL Specs and the rigors of the commercial aviation environment.

Crest offers chromate conversion coatings for aluminium, magnesium, cadmium, and zinc plating. Our chromate conversion products are available in dry and liquid, concentrated and "ready-to-use" forms.