Aviation Alkaline Cleaners & Degreasers

Jet Engine Cleaning

Some aviation maintenance requires aggressive, deep cleaning chemicals capable of thoroughly removing contaminants from the surface of parts. Alkaline cleaners and degreasers meet that need. Aviation alkaline cleaners are classified by their pH level ranging from 8.5 to 14.0, and vary by the amount of caustic agents that are used.

Crest has been providing alkaline cleaning solutions to aviation and aerospace companies for many years. We have many aviation alkaline cleaners and degreasers available to handle almost any type of deep cleaning required, including those in the jet engine cleaning line. The jet engine cleaning process requires aggressive alkaline cleaning agents to produce clean parts. This process is done in multiple stages and should be closely monitored to assure thorough cleaning without damaging sensitive aviation components. The highest priority of Crest's aviation maintenance chemical products is to deliver safe and flight ready products every time.

Crest Chemicals specializes in blending chemical compounds for properly maintaining aircraft and can even provide a new solution to fit your specific needs.